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Reverend Gwenievere Maria offers a compassionate integrated approach to healing, based on the fundamental recognition that all physical, mental and emotional challenges are but doorways to your soul, and to the realization of who you truly are.

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Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Readings and Guided Meditations offer a non-intrusive compassionate approach to transformational healing.

Programs, Seminars and Workshops are designed for students who have a natural, realistic and sound desire to master mindfulness, awaken inner wisdom and learn  how to share it.
Healing touch/ is widely regarded as the most effective, balanced and comprehensive path to cellular healing, renewal and rejuvenation. 
Energy Medicine and Hands-on Healing creates mind/body harmony and awakens a true and natural sense of Self. 
Gwenievere was born with her gifts of healing. She offers an ancient and original method of energy healing that creates pure transmission, much like a light in the dark, when lit others will begin to see it and feel it within themselves. This treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. She offers safe and sacred intention and focus on the clients soul's frequency of wholeness while bringing comfort to the situation at hand. Beneficial effects include relaxation and feelings of pure love, peace, certainty of their inner truth. Many have reported miraculous spontaneous healings. Session at 90 minutes 

Spiritual /Counseling
A non-intrusive compassionate approach to healing, where the natural frequency of your soul becomes the guide to innate wisdom.

Intuitive Readings
You will receive a highly accurate clairvoyant reading to bring clarity and direction to your life.

Relationship Healing
Receive clarity and deeper understanding for life concerns.

Shamanic Journeys
Learn to unite ancient indigenous wisdom with modern-day life. 

Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies
For all life transitions, individually created to meet your needs.

House Clearing is perfect for moving into a new home, moving out of your old home or to address unanswered questions regarding unseen energy. For the wellbeing of yourself and your family, the energy in and around your home and the land must be attended to.

Animal Healing
Each session offers energy healing and intuitive communication with your beloved pet. In person or at-a-distance.

Meditation Services
Please call for dates, times and location.

Individual Sessions
Sessions in person or on the phone. Click here to purchase a session.

Sessions by phone or in person - 60 minutes is $190. 

Committed Mentorship Program
This unique “Spiritual Mentorship Program” is designed for individuals committed and ready to awaken to their life purpose. Together, we will design the perfect program just for you to move forward in creating a healthy and productive life and career that supports the infinite presence of your soul. (Please see Workshops page for details)
Cancellation Policy

Please provide a 24 hour notice to avoid being charged in full.

Gift Certificates are available (please see Contact page for details)

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