“My experiences of Gwenievere Maria as a teacher, was my first introduction to the sacred. She initiated me into a consciousness as ancient as humanity and introduced me into the secrets of transcendence. You will get to know yourself because of what she awakens in you."
Victoria A. Gamber, Ph.D.
Professor, Capella University, and Ordained Minister of the Center for Spiritual Healing

Gwenievere Maria has a gift of clarity which has improved my health on every front & lead me to more happiness than I could have imagined.  She is one of the cornerstones of my healing from cancer & success in changing my life to a "yes".
Hillary Fox
Cancer survivor, Mother of two
Corte Madera, CA.

I received my first ministerial training and ordination at the Center for Spiritual Healing in 1982, and the experience completely transformed my life. The Center, and the work of Rev. Gwenievere Maria, are permeated by a palpable sense of the Sacred, which creates a powerful catalyst for profound spiritual awakening and deep inner transformation. I am deeply grateful for all the gifts I received from the Center, many of which continue to enrich my work today.
Rev. Vajra Matusow

Gwenievere has an ability to see the individual notes that are being played in the symphony that is life. With this unique ability, she can foster small adjustments when one of our notes is beautifully out of tune. I am forever changed from my experience in her class and presence.
C. Harbridge

Working with Gwenievere has been a true gift in my life. She is incredibly insightful and in just a short amount of time can cut through the confusion and get straight to the core of what needs to be looked at and released. I have learned through my work with Gwenievere that I am the source of my creativity and light and I have gained many tools to reclaim my power. I really am so grateful to Gwenievere for her knowledge, amazing gifts and kindness. She is a gem that I would recommend to anyone seeking more clarity in their life!
Johanna Beyer

“Genny has changed my life in such a positive way. She has shown me how to open my heart and understand how my life has a special meaning. She has given me the tools to deal with great personal pain, to succeed in my relationships with others and most of all to honor the boundaries of my soul mate Lisa.”
Dr. Robert Boyd D.D.S. M.Ed.
Professor and Chairman, Dept of Orthodontics School of Dentistry University of the Pacific

“Genny was the first person I called after my biopsy confirmed my diagnosis of breast cancer. My session with her was unbelievable. She cut straight to the core of the issue, like a laser of light and love and truth. After my session, I began burning up with fever. I went through a healing crisis – four days and four nights of 105º fever. When the fever was gone, I had my lumpectomy, and was told by the doctors that the cancer was gone. There was no cancer left whatsoever. I believe that by clearing away all the extraneous noise and fear, and creating a space of clear, open energy, Genny helped me heal myself. When I brought my friend Steve to Genny, he too had a spontaneous remission which gave him life without pain and time to accomplish the many the things he was unable to while battling AIDS. Genny is a true healer, in every sense of the word. Working with Genny during my health crisis and over the 15 years since then has been the single best thing I have ever done for myself.”
Teri Wayne
Friend and Patient of Rev. Gwenievere Maria

The Center for Spiritual Healing has made my life richer, fuller, and more meaningful.  Gwenievere Maria is a true healer and guide.  Her workshops and her one-on-one intensives are invaluable.  If you are seeking strength, she is the teacher you are looking for.
Mary Ann Maggiore, Consultant to Teens, Young Adults & their Families
"Launching Teens & Young Adults into Lives of Success"
Marin County, CA.

Gwenievere creates a safe and nurturing space.  Her workshops and individual sessions have enabled me to connect with my inner strength and truth as well as provide the tools to discover my own spiritual path.
Stefanie, Mother
Marin County, CA.

I thank you for helping me find my truth through your artful way of listening to the unknown.  When I look for answers I always look to your knowledge and your wise words of wisdom to help me find my way back to myself.
Gina M. Baker, CMT

Having known Gwenevere for over 40 years, we have enjoyed the evolution of the growth in depth and insight she shares with warmth and love in her groups.  She is gifted with a gentleness that disarms the most resistant with good humor and acceptance. She opens us to deepening of our own experience and an ease in expressing ourselves from that level. Working with her is gift to yourself.
Marsha and Michael Joyce

"Gwenievere is an incredibly gifted, powerful healer and teacher—truly one of a kind. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her. Whenever I am in her presence, I feel truly seen, as if she can see deep into my soul and all she sees is good! Her sessions and programs always help me to deeply connect with my Truest Self. I found her teachings at a time when I needed to remember all I knew in my heart to be true. She is like a beacon in a storm—returning clients and students back to themselves."
Laurie Smith, San Francisco, CA

I first met Genny at Esalen when I took her 7 day course called “Purpose and Passion.” It and she changed my life in such wonderful ways. The epiphanies I had each day I was in her presence and guided by her did not hit me over the head like a hammer would. They were sweet and beautiful and loving and insightful–more than anything else, incredibly insightful. On day 4, I asked Genny how she did this for not only me but for all of us in that class. Her response was that she wasn't sure how, but that all her life she had had this ability and found her passion in using it to help others.
The class took place nearly 25 years ago and in the succeeding years, when I, or other loved ones in my family and among my friends, needed that special epiphany to move them to a new place in their hearts and minds, in their jobs and families, in themselves, it was Genny and only Genny who we went to. And each time, without fail, that epiphany was there and it was right on the mark. Quite extraordinary.  I am honored to write this part of my story on your behalf.
David Hoffman


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