The Tamashii Method

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with Reverend Gwenievere Maria


Year-long soul-inspired certified intensive 

The sacred principles of this program - does not ask you to change, to be perfect or to find more meaning in all the pain you have suffered. Instead, it asks you to love yourself now despite the broken, messy and confused side of being human. 

It asks us all to see what love can do when we unite our humanity, with the true and natural frequency of our soul.

"This epic and life-changing series will support you to live in consort with your soul and in harmony with the true nature of NOW." By allowing love to be the guiding force in each moment so all the moments that follow will be...
Through intention, permission, protection, and ceremony, this course will open you to your intuitive and emphatic nature and teach you to trust the voice within, as you open to the Divine frequency of love that flows through you.

Transform your cellular and ancestral imprints, while creating your future from each precious and sacred moment of now.

Call now to register for the three part series (415) 435 3395 or go to to sign up. 

"To know our self AS Love is our life's purpose and to express our love with intention, authenticity, and truth, is our life's passion" 

 October  18, 2018 - includes 7 individual sessions

Embody and live by the guiding light of your soul

To register call the Center at (415) 435-3395 or email us at:

"To know our self AS Love is our life's purpose and to express our love with intention, authenticity, and truth, is our life's passion" 


Year Long Intensive from personal to interpersonal transformational healing.

Gwenievere's epic and a life-changing program will take you to your life’s purpose and passion and give you the tools to live in consort with your soul”

You are invited into a personal, unique and integrative journey through the seven gateways of consciousness that will continually nurture your soul.

This original series applies the seven chakras as a metaphor to the gateways of consciousness, to integrate and support you to receive your soul as a constant companion with the Divine.

As you journey into each of the seven chakras, drawing upon an ancient and deeply modern-day a shamanic path, you will awaken to your cellular memory of wholeness and learn how to transform whatever is restricting you, whether it be chronic or current, psychic, emotional, psychological or physical, into loves most precious gifts.

Through intention, permission, protection, and ceremony, this course will awaken the natural frequency of your Soul, introduce you to the sacred and initiate you into the Universal consciousness as ancient as humanity.

You will learn how to trust in your subtle, true nature, open to your intuitive voice and recognize the internal messages of your soul.

Curriculum (meets one day per month for 7 months) Includes 7 individual sessions with Gwenievere.

Month 1: Awaken to your inherent and ancestral wisdom. Learn to apply the authentic gifts of your ancestors from your soul’s integrity.

Month 2: Receive the fearless intuitive nature of your being and bring into your awareness depth and fluidity. Learn to practice clear and healthy boundaries with intention, permission, and protection.

Month 3: Ignite the fire within and bring into your awareness, empowerment and the eternal light. Learn to embrace your soul’s spaciousness from empowerment and conviction.

Month 4: Open to the intimate relationship with yourself and bring into your awareness love and acceptance for who you are. Learn to trust your hearts fierce wisdom with certainty, clarity, and truth.

Month 5: Reclaim the song of your soul and bring to your awareness sound, touch, smell, taste, and sight. Learn the healing power of the word “no” and the healing power of the word ‘yes” and develop the ability to discern the difference.

Month 6: Lift the veil of limitation and bring the ability to see your radiant being into your awareness. Learn to differentiate between false forgiveness and the true meaning of acceptance.

Month 7: Transcend separation and bring into your awareness the union of spirit and matter, universal knowledge & enlightenment. Learn to connect your soul’s infinite knowledge and awareness of universal consciousness.

The Tamashii method is an in-depth program designed for those ready to continue their unique spiritual journey and is based on Reverend Maria's 48 +years of experience and her new book, In the Heart of God - A Journey Beyond Healing into the Sacred Realms of Creation.

Click below to hear Gwenievere describe this original Year Long Program:

THE TAMASHII METHOD - Year Long Soul- Inspired Intensive to awaken to your Purpose and Passion 

 here for audio and video describing this program

When: October  2018

To register call (415) 435-3395 

Where: Tiburon, CA

Tuition: $3200 - can be tax deductible 

Students will learn the Tamashii Method

  • "Integrate emotional and ancestral cellular memory with the harmonic field of your soul"
  • "Awaken yourself and support others to awaken to their soul's purpose and passion
  • "Enhance your current healing practice and/or begin to create a new career in the healing arts.

"When your mind and your body are in harmony with your breath you are in communion with the natural frequency of your soul.”

Completion of the seven months: All participants that complete the program receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Center for Spiritual Healing and Gwenievere Maria.

(415) 435-3395

Go to the Videos page or to Gwenievere Maria's YouTube channel to listen to conversations and graduate students of this seven-month course sharing their experience and what it means to be a spiritual counselor.

Previous Ordained Graduates:

Wendy Wallbridge I took this course almost two decades ago with Gwenievere Maria and it left an indelible print on my psyche. Just being in the soothing presence of Gwenievere for the sessions was worth the price of admission but it’s so much more than that. It helped many of us heal past lingering wounds and recover the brightness of our essence, it also gave us an architecture of evolution that is clear and transmittable to others. It guided me along to my purpose and calling and just today, my book was released by Amazon! Thank you, Gwenievere Maria!

Jill Mendelsohn Roman "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own," a quote by Benjamin Disraeli. This is the power of Gwenievere Maria's Certified Program - she will hold the space for you to become all that you are meant to be. This program set me free of my obstacles, showed me the love in my heart and brought me to live my life with passion, direction, and purpose. To be immersed in the energy of Gwenievere Maria is to be graced with the spirit of a Goddess. I wish I lived back in Marin, for I would truly take this program again. Thank You, dear Grwenivere Maria, for all that you give!

Johanna Davis Beyer, I loved this program. It was the perfect blend of self-healing and learning new skills that I practice with my own coaching clients. Take this time for yourself to really learn from the inside out!!!

Naoto Watenabe from NLP Alliance Japan 愛しのジェニー!
今日はサンフランシスコ郊外のティブロンに住むジェニー・デイビス、Gwenievere Maria (スピリチュアル・ヒーリングセンター代表)を訪ね、5年振りに再会しました。
まだ日本に「ヒーリング」という言葉さえ定着していなかった時代から、数々の驚異的な結果を出し続けている、まさに「伝説のヒーラー」ですね (^_^)...


Love of Genny!
Today is the suburb of San Francisco to live in Tiburon, Gwenievere Maria (Genny) with (spiritual healing center visited team) it’s been 5 years, and good to see each other again.
Gwenievere and I met in 1999 and in 2000, she offered her healing workshops her in Osaka Japan at the seminar and I Naoto, was the interpreter.

She comes from Cherokee Indian blood draw and as a Shaman, she uses various healing modalities directly from her grandmother. She studied at Harvard University with a major in psychology, and more than 40 years, has been offering healing and counseling sessions, training workshops and seminars coined the (Tamashii Method) (MD) which means Soul in Japanese.
Still healing " in Japan, the word ' established even did not have a period, from a lot of positively amazing results are kept, the legend of “the healer” isn't it lol

“Gwenievere believes that all healing comes from reconnecting to one’s soul opening to the natural vibration of universal and divine love!”
The photo on the right is the center of Genny can view from the office
Beautiful Landscape. (^_^)

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