2015 Program and Graduation Class

Click below to hear Gwenievere describe the 7-Month Purpose and Passion Graduate Program:

A Journey Through the 7 Chakras

The Purpose and Passion Certified 7- Month Program

Graduating as Spiritual Counselors, Guides and Teachers of the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, Inc.: Jeanine Thomas, Gina M. Baker and Jaclyn Leiva Conklin

Watch a video of these students describing their experience of the program - Click Here

students1 students3
students6 students5
students4 students7

Nubia Teixeira and Gwenievere Maria

Nubia Teixeira and Gwenievere Maria

Click here to view all of Gwenievere Maria's conversations videos on YouTube.

2016 Graduation Photos

Graduation Aug., 2016 graduation 3 Sat., group 6 Sat. group 8 Sat. group 10 Sat. Group 11

2016 Japanese Graduation Workshop

IMG_4726 nao and group IMG_4700 IMG_4688 IMG_4734 groupicture Naoyuki and group group 2 8 IMG_4832 IMG_4848 nayako and graduation Yukihito and Eiko's Wedding

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