Message from the Founder, Rev. Gwenievere MariaGweniviere-headshot

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, located just North of San Francisco, California.

From a humble beginning, the Center has grown into a worldwide training center with a mission to advance spiritual knowledge, promote teaching and research and help individuals reach their personal and professional goals in the healing arts.

For almost forty years, this inter-denominational, 501©3 center has been widely recognized for its longevity and unwavering commitment to supporting all faiths, nationalities and beliefs.

Dedicated to the Soul’s memory of wholeness, the Center was established to ~

♡ Honor a global consciousness, while supporting each individual on their unique path to wholeness.

The Center serves an international community comprised of students from around the world. Rev. Maria’s individual sessions, workshops, certifications and training programs are not limited by time or space and can support students in person, or via telephone or Skype.

Whether you are seeking to begin a meditation practice, enhance your current practice, receive individual healing, an intuitive reading or spiritual counseling, or turn your talents and life achievements into a career in the Healing arts, I look forward to the opportunity to support your unique journey.

Rev. Gwenievere Maria, Founder and President


(415) 435-3395