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                                                         YEAR LONG INTENSIVE 

"To know our self AS Love is our life's purpose and to express our love with intention, authenticity and truth, is our life's passion"


APRIL Sat. 28, 2018


Year Long Intensive from personal to interpersonal transformational healing.

  "I believe, to know our self AS LOVE is our life's purpose and to express our love with intention, authenticity and truth, is our life's passion."  
"In the quite reflection, your soul does not ask you to change, to be perfect or to find more meaning in all the pain you have suffered. Instead, it asks you to love yourself despite the broken, messy and confused side of being human. It asks us all to see what love can do when we unite our humanity, with the true and natural frequency of our soul."

Registration has begun, If interested call now to save on tuition (415) 435-3395

The Tamashii Method is taught as a sacred journey through the seven chakras and is honored in all modalities as a true and harmonious path to healing.

Rev. Maria's original healing system coined the Tamashii Method offers a non-intrusive path to healing where the natural frequency of your soul is the guide that leads the way.  She believes that there is no limit to what can be healed once the higher frequency of your soul has resonated with the lower frequency of the pain-body. Whether it is emotional, psychological or physical, chronic or current, her life-changing healing method awakens the cellular memory of wholeness and transforms all else into soul-inspired wisdom.                                                                                   

Whether you are seeking individual self-healing, enhancing your current practice, seeking to become a licensed Ordained Minister or a professional spiritual guide for others, I look forward to supporting your journey.

Where: Tiburon (Registration has begun and is limited to 6 students, this program is for seasoned students and is based on approval)

Tuition $3500.00 -  Can be tax-deductible Receive a Certificate of Achievement and Graduates a Licensed Ministry in the Healing Arts from the Center for Spiritual Healing and Gwenievere Maria and the State of California.

To register or for more information email or call the Center (415) 435-3395


Spiritual Mentorship Programs are designed especially for each individuals personal needs and is offered to seasoned students going to the next level in their correct practice - Sessions held IN-PERSON OR ON THE PHONE

(415) 435-3395

Call or email to book a session.



I didn't change, I just woke up

The Spiritual Mentorships are three-month committed programs exclusively for seasoned individuals ready to awaken to their life purpose. We will meet twice a month for three months, in person or on the phone.

This sacred and devoted Spiritual Mentorship is a breakthrough transformation series of self-healing and discovery, designed for you and your unique life-path.

Together, we will design the perfect program for you to move forward in creating a healthy and productive life and career that supports the infinite presence of your soul.

If you are seeking to receive more depth and connection, awaken your soul’s passion and discover your true authentic purpose, this program is for you.

Our work will not only give you direction and clarity to find your truth, it will support you to have the courage to live it.

“Knowing that healing begins with a commitment to love

You will learn how to protect and discern while opening to the integrated richness of your life experiences, your inner truth and the unlimited journey that awaits you.

The cost for this individual Spiritual Mentorship series is $2200.00 (includes 5 - 90-minute individual sessions with Gwenievere, in person or on the phone).

To determine if this course is right for you or to get your questions answered, please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute phone session.

I look forward to supporting you on your unique, sacred journey home,
Gwenievere Maria

For an example meditation of the program – click on the audio below



"Sacred Indigenous Wisdom"
Receive the Inherent Gifts of your Ancestors. Feeling lost? Looking for support, connection, direction and guidance? Through group exercises, guided meditations and ceremony you will learn how to receive the sacred gifts of your lineage and how to harmonize their inherent messages with your soul.

“A Journey Through Loss”
Together, with meditation, intuitive readings and ceremony, you will learn to transform loss and grief into hope and soul-inspired wisdom.

“The Art of Listening”
Have you ever heard a familiar song in the distance that was so faint you had to block out all other sounds just to hear it? Have you ever tried to listen to the message in a dream as it was fading away? Have you ever heard a beloved speaking to you so softly that your body would swell towards the words as your all senses reached deep within to capture its magic? Have you ever listened so intently that you could feel the sounds harmonizing and nurturing your soul

For more info or to register call the Center at (415) 435-3395 or email us at


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