About The Center For Spiritual Healing

Photo by Renee Sheppard 2018

Reverend Gwenievere Maria

The Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, Inc., is a non-profit 501-C interdenominational educational Center for healers. Established in 1978, The Center offers individual sessions, workshops, certified training intensives and licensed ministry programs in the healing arts. The Center is just north of San Francisco in Tiburon, California.

Reverend Gwenievere Maria is the founder and president of the Center for Spiritual Healing. She is a bestselling author, speaker and world-renowned healer offering groups and individual sessions since 1975.

Reverend Maria holds her degree in Psychology and Healing from Antioch University, with undergraduate studies from Harvard and Toledo Universities. She combines her studies in psychology and spiritual healing with her Cherokee ancestry, cross-cultural travels, apprenticeships and lifelong work into an original master paradigm which honors presence, depth and the inherent truth of the soul.

Gwenievere was born with her intuitive gifts of healing. She has spent her life developing and integrating what was infused, ignited, ordained and inherent to her.

Reverend Maria’s work honors the gifts passed from her teachers Paz Navolta and the psychic surgeons of the Philippines whom initiated Gwenievere into the sacred inborn gifts of their lineage. From this infusion and ordination, the Center for Spiritual Healing was birthed. Dr. Doris Williams, an American Samoan, Alaskan shaman and spiritual medium passed onto Gwenievere her lineage and the ancient sacred arts of spiritual and shamanic healing.

When you sit with Reverend Gwenievere Maria you are held in the frequency of love from her soul, the Divine and the ancients that have entrusted her with their sacred gifts. Once you know you are seen and held sacred in the truth for all that you are you will know the unshakable foundation of your own sacred and unique soul’s path to wholeness.

Reverend Maria’s integrative and original healing method, The Genny Intuitive Healing Method that guides you on “ the Sacred Journey Home” and support you to become a certified Intuitive Practitioner in the Healing Arts, is based on the fundamental recognition that all physical, mental and emotional challenges are but doorways to your soul and to the realization of who you truly are. Her artful ways of listening to the soul and guiding each individual to the sacred is palpable and permanent.

As a modern-day shaman, medium and soul-intuitive, Gwenievere offers a compassionate and integrated approach to healing through individual guidance, workshops, retreats and master courses that can lead to ordination.

Gwenievere and the Center provide the world community with qualified Ordained Ministers and Heath Professional in the Healing Arts. Graduates of her programs have learned to hold the teachings sacred beyond time and space to deepen and enhance their life experiences and current profession. Some of these graduates have also begun new significant and meaningful professional careers in the healing Arts. To set up an individual session or for a list of Ministers and Health professionals in your area please contact the Center.

Email: center@spiritualhealinginc.org

Phone: (415) 435-3395