The Sacred Journey Home”
New Book Coming in 2019

I invite you to journey deep within, to where your soul finds harmony with its Creator, to that sacred place where true communion speaks to you through the same eternal vibration that creates the universe - that sacred place where the flame of spirit resonates in union with the vibration of your soul.

Flowing within the memory of each of us is the knowledge of life, carried within the vibration of our soul as Infinite Presence. This natural frequency is awakened as you commune with your soul through all of your senses - mind, body and spirit. It is in this place of pure communion that your soul becomes the vibration of light. This precious vibrational light takes you on The Sacred Journey Home to the silence between life's ebb and flow and supports you in becoming the spark of life that joins spirit and matter into wholeness, beauty and wisdom.

In this form of consciousness, there is nothing to let go of and nothing to process; you need only resonate with Infinite Presence and hold all aspects of your life as necessary ingredients to awaken your inherent wholeness.

Go gently on your Sacred Journey Home through the seven chakras into love, the pulse of life, living in the Heart of God.

You are the radiant light that dances through the tree tops and you are the depth that embraces all the ethereal realms. You are the breath of life and you are the echo in the ancient and the vastness of the endless sky.


In the Heart of God

In the Heart of God helps its readers to find their own spiritual path. The “chakra” metaphor is especially suited for this search, and Gwenievere beautifully describes the role each of them plays in the dance of life. She prepares individual souls to unite with the soul of the universe, and points out how negative and positive forces in her readers’ lives can be transcended to attain wholeness.

This is a book that can be savored at man different levels, because if reflects the essence of humanity while it discovers and celebrates the songs of the cosmos.

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.