How some of our Ordained Ministers and Graduates are sharing their gifts with family, community and our precious world. For full a list of Ministers in your area please contact the Center.

Dear Gwenievere
For my dearest Genny! My friend from whom I learn so much! Who is on the cover of my book “Shaman”.Dec. 1989

With love,
Reverend Susan Seddon Boulet
Dear Gwenievere Maria

Holding you as my role model, always, I use my ministry gift, and I do mean it’s a gift, by spreading the light for all whom I meet.
As this is no easy task, my efforts are sincere in my longing to pass the light  so others  can in turn do the same………and truly pray or world peace.
As you know my close attention is on my family right now and I am an active participant at the Kabbalah Center, studying Zohar and Torah.
As I meet more and more of my Kabbalah Community, the light brings to me great souls whom I can help and apply what my ministry has taught me.

Thank you Rev Gwenievere Maria for the positive influence you have on my life and teach me that I always remain in the light.

Love you , dearly.
Reverend Jill Sarah

Dear Gwenievere,

I write to you with great pleasure and gratitude as I do every year to formally register with our beloved Center for Spiritual Healing. It is wonderful to spend another year living and working in the path you have so helped me to and sustained me in.

This year we advanced along the road of helping young people with even more gusto and more focus. We continued to run Five 4 Five for youth and we expanded our work with our initiative Launch for young people currently called Millennial’s . We have served over three dozen struggling  members of this group in the recent past . We worked for months on end with each of them to see them to a brighter future. They came to us with such sadness and they left us with such purpose.

Goodness, I have truly re-found my calling this past year. These youths gave it to me! And Spirit said, “Do more!” And so I will – my little team of five will keep on keeping on. Thank you for helping me see and keep the way. No matter the obstacles, this path means everything to me.

Reverend Mary Ann

Hi Gwenievere...I am honored to support your work....the world sure could use a few more like you!!!  I will never forget your 7 month program...didn't I take that course twice...or is that just wishful thinking!  I keep your teaching close to my heart “I'm sure you will be directed down the right path....just follow your heart!”  wish I could be there with you all during the holidays ...

Love always...
Reverend Mark


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