Center for Spiritual Healing

Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, Inc

From a humble beginning, the Center has grown into a worldwide training and healing center with a mission to support individuals to reach their personal and professional goals in the healing arts. 

The Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) inter-denominational education center, established in 1977.

The Center offers individual sessions, workshops certified training intensives, and licensed ministry programs in the healing arts. The Center is just north of San Francisco, in Tiburon, California.

We look forward to supporting you on your Sacred Journey Home.

Many blessings,
Reverend Gwenievere Maria, Founder and President


Video - 4 Minute Meditation

“Rest and know you are deeply loved” Take a moment to experience the essence of Gwenievere Maria’s healing energy, in this four minute meditation video “The Sacred Journey Home.”

This short meditation video "Sacred Journey Home" represents my journey alone on the Amazon river, so long ago. it represents the essence of my journey and my lifelong work. May it bring you a moment of peace and remind you - you are never alone. 


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Guided Meditation


New Book Coming in 2019

Pre-order Gwenievere’s new book, “The Sacred Journey Home”
Coming in March of 2019.

I invite you to journey deep within, to where your soul finds harmony with its Creator, to that sacred place where true communion speaks to you through the same eternal vibration that creates the universe - that sacred place where the flame of spirit resonates in union with the vibration of your soul.



Join Gwenievere in one of her guided meditations and
listen to one of her radio interviews.

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The Sacred Journey Home

Gwenievere Maria