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Summer And Fall Schedule 2019 - 2020

honoring the sacred journy home

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Fall and Winter Schedule in
with Gwenievere Maria 2019 - 2020


This Fall I will be starting my new signature program - Becoming a Master Tamashii Healer. A one day a month for 7 months program.

Begins: Thursday January 9, - Friday January 17, 2020

Starting Thursday, January 9, 2020, I will be offering an 8-day certificated program here in Marin for my beloved Japanese students. The first three days you will be learning about the authentic self and how it plays an important role in healing. followed by a shared hands-on experience that will teach you the difference between “Spiritual Healing” verse “Ancient Indigenous Shamanic Healing.” And how working with both in harmony with the soul creates lasting healing.

”The next 5 days we will focus on “The Right Use of Energy.” How to recognize it, redirect it and work with it in consort with others.

Japanese students - Contact Naoyuki Sekino for the details and costs

I am thrilled to offer this amazing program designed to awaken the sacred and abundant life within you.


This program is open to all lightworkers and caregiver and is designed for those that would like to create a career or add to their professional healing and counseling career in the healing arts.


Graduates will become a certified healing arts practitioner of The Genny Method™ and be legally honored by the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, a non-denominational Educational center, since 1977.


This certificate gives graduates permission to offer and teach my original method of energy healing and spiritual counseling anywhere in the US and in Japan.


We look forward to working with you. To set up a workshop, retreat, ceremony, wedding or program in your area or Country with Gwenievere please contact the
415 435 3395


“The Sacred Journey Home”

Becoming a Deora Master

Genny’s Healing Training Center

The Genny Method™

Become a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner of the Genny Method™

The Genny Method is Gwenievere Maria’s signature work that is guided by the infinite and unique frequency of Your soul.

 The Genny Method is a non-intrusive method that awakens you to your soul frequency from a place of presence and recognition of who you truly are. Gwenievere teaches that you are already whole and there is nothing to heal. Her original method offering “The Sacred Journey Home” is the soul’s path that is true and authentically you.

 When you are home in that place that is sacred to you, your life force energy resonates as alchemy that blends, balances and harmonies with everything in you and around you. The Genny Method™ simply supports the body to heal and restore from within. This can promote deep cellular healing and create a radiance that flows through and around you awakening a feeling of peace, security, and well being.

A Healing Practitioner enhances one’s own frequency first before they can help another receive theirs. This method is similar to being in nature, once you are held in harmony with your own soul frequency, you can then help another’s find theirs. Like the silence of the forest, the redwood trees or the ocean, it does not need you to change or do anything, it simply meets you where you are and offers, if you are willing and ready to receive, a place of rest.

 No matter where you are in your life. No matter what challenges you are facing or new directions you are opening to Gwenievere Maria’s signature method because it is an awakening of who you truly are in harmony with all other methods, spiritual practices or therapeutic techniques.

For those that wish to take their practice to the next level and receive an accredited certification from Reverend Maria and the Center for Spiritual Healing Inc.and become a respected and recognized professional Healing Arts Practitioner in the healing arts. I invite you to join me in my next Certified Teacher Healing Intensive. See below.

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“The Sacred Journey Home”
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner of The Genny Method™

Begins: October 2019

The Genny Method

This program will guide you on your Sacred Journey Home and teach you to recognize and enhance your soul’s infinite frequency.

Through intention, permission and protection and ceremony, you will learn the “Right Use of Energy” from the authentic and well-seasoned truth within you.

Call to REGISTER - Program design has not been set up yet. But I usually offer this program as a one day a month program for 7 months - ending in graduation as a Healing Arts Practitioner of The Genny Method ™

This 7 – month certification intensive offers recognition for your profession and gives you the vilify and creditably to receive the title “Healing Arts Practitioner of The Genny Method™.

For more information on this program or to set up an Individual Session with Gwenievere Maria - Call or contact: 

“Our lives become more meaningful and profoundly beautiful when we choose to share our unique life gifts with others”.

Tuition: $2200. Includes 4 individual 75-minute sessions
Partial Scholarships for Ordained Ministers and previous students of this program. For more information and availability, call 415-435-3395

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Apprenticeship Program

Turn your life experiences into a career in the healing arts. Make your life story become an inspiration and healing for others.

This advance individual healing apprenticeship program is designed to fit your schedule and level of development.

No matter where you are on your journey I will meet you there.

Ordained Licensed Minister - partial on line course will support your unique path and will lead you to become a licensed ordained minister and or professional in the healing arts with the State of California and the Center for Spiritual Healing Inc. Creating individual programs designed just for the student and or the student and their partner or friend.

This unique 200 hours mentoring program is designed to have 5 phone or Zoom sessions followed up with course and field work and program design. We will cover whatever is most important to you. Of course, you can also see me in person. Program: Intuitive awareness, ancient and modern-day shamanic healing, energy healing. along with the unique path through the charkas and how they relate to the 4 stages of alchemy. All this with intention, permission, protection, and ceremony.

Tuition varies from $1500 to $3000 -depending on your need and schedule.

To set up your free consolation, email or give me a call. I look forward to supporting your unique ministry. Gwenievere Maria

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Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Reverend Maria’s integrative and original healing method is based on the fundamental recognition that all physical, mental and emotional challenges are but doorways to your soul and to the realization of who you truly are. No matter what life challenges you are facing - whether physical, emotional or psychic, having a spiritual emergence or simply opening to the next step on your journey, Rev. Maria’s artful ways of listening to the soul and guiding each individual to the sacred is palpable and permanent. She has integrated her inherent and life long work into a safe and sacred paradigm which honors presence, depth and the inherent truth of your soul. Gwenievere holds the truth of your own magnificence and wholeness to awaken within you the natural frequency of your soul.

Individual session in person or remote.
Individual certified mentoring programs available in person and remote
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